Containers & Gensets

Through SeaCube Containers, we offer our container customers long-term operating leases, direct finance leases, and master lease agreements (MLA’s). Our fleet principally consists of three types of assets —Refrigerated Containers, Dry Containers and Generator Sets.

Refrigerated Containers (“Reefers”)

Refrigerated Containers (“Reefers”) are 20-foot and 40-foot high cube refrigerated containers insulated containers that include an integrated cooling machine. These containers are typically used to carry perishable cargo such as fresh and frozen produce, meat, poultry, fish and other temperature sensitive products.

Dry Containers

Dry Containers are essentially steel boxes with a set of doors on one end, and are the least expensive type of intermodal container. 20-foot units are primarily used to carry heavy, dense cargo loads (such as industrial parts and certain food products) and are generally used in areas where transportation facilities are less developed. 40-foot units are primarily used for lighter-weight finished goods, such as apparel, electronic appliances and other consumer goods, in areas with more developed transportation facilities.

Generator Sets (“Gensets”)

Generator Sets (“Gensets”) are portable diesel fueled generators are used to power refrigerated containers mounted on chassis or rail cars (when a reefer is carried on a containership, it is usually plugged into the containership’s main power supply).