40′ HC Everfresh

SeaCube Container Leasing is the largest lessor of EverFresh containers. The EverFresh container includes a microprocessor controller that continously monitors and dynamically adjusts O2, CO2 and humidity levels to accomodate the particular commodity being shipped. This sensitive environment control system results in a “true” CA (Controlled Atmosphere) environment within the container. Since the atmosphere most beneficial to any given product can vary significantly, perishables transported in EverFresh units move in tailored atmosphereic environments. This enables optimal product “out-turn” with products reaching market in prime conditions for longer shelf life.

Produce growers and shippers have discovered new success with storing, ripening and moving hypersensitive perishable produce using our EverFresh containers for high value cargo such as blueberries and asparagus.

Contact your local SeaCube Container Leasing office to get a new perspective on shipping perishable produce with the EverFresh concept.