Leasing Solutions

Customer Service:
Growing to meet our Customer’s Needs

Our mission is to support our customers’ equipment needs in the ever growing global containerized cargo trade through a wide spectrum of leasing equipment including Refrigerated Cargo, Dry Freight, Flatracks, Transraks, and Open Top containers. Our customers operate in a complex, highly competitive and capital-intensive business environment with a full spectrum of constantly changing business conditions. We can help them balance their equipment purchase requirements vs. their global fleet deployment strategies through the benefits of utilizing leased container equipment.

Technological Advantages

When you lease, you’re able to keep your equipment up-to-date. You’re never tied to outdated machinery, equipment, or software. You have complete flexibility in end-of-lease options: You can purchase it, refinance it, or simply return it.

Financial Advantages

With an equipment lease, you get 100% financing. Your payments are often lower than with other types of financing. In fact, they’re typically a fraction of the total purchase price, and may even qualify as a pre-tax expense. And because a lease may be considered off-balance-sheet financing, it leaves your credit lines intact for other business uses. Additionally, with the lower, fixed-rate payments of an equipment lease, you’re protected against inflation. Our flexible lease options, including Operating Term Leases, Direct Finance Leases, as well as Master Lease Agreements (MLA’s), will also help you meet whatever your strategic business needs may be.
It is through our commitment in managing a full spectrum of leasing equipment, our understanding of the importance of having a sound financial plan in place to meet your strategic needs, and our flexibility in meeting those requirements, that our customers have rewarded us with continued business partnerships.