Sales & Trading

SeaCube Containers Sales and Trading Group sells, buys and leases intermodal assets that it owns, acquires and finances around the world. Its products include Refrigerated Containers, Steel Dry Containers and Gensets.


Refrigerated Containers. Our sophisticated temperature controlled containers have been used in staticstorage applications all over the world: in the Gulf of Mexico as food storage walk-in coolers on an oil rig, in the Middle East to store medical supplies, inside a meat packing facility in Newark, NJ to provide specific temperatures for the finest meats and poultry, and in Alaska to keep beverages from freezing.  They are also used in one way moves involving food products to developing regions. We sell to wholesalers and direct to retailers.

Steel Dry Containers can be used for storage on your own property or at an outside location. They are suitable for storing tools, equipment, inventory and personal belongings. They are strong, durable and secure with a simple, but effective locking mechanism. Many containers are used as portable offices, on construction sites and for expansion of existing facilities. Containers are very popular for use in the storage rental business.

Gensets are used for powering refrigerated containers either on the ground or in transit. Our Gensets supply both 230 and 460 volts and can be used in any application which requires such power. We have both Clip-on Gensets, which fit on the front of the container, and Under-slung Gensets, which are mounted under a Chassis. Gensets can also be used as a free standing power source to meet all of your other electrical needs.

Domestic Lease
The movement of goods over the road or by rail often requires container solutions. Perishables, cars and bulk products can be moved safely, quickly and economically using domestic transportation infrastructures. SeaCube Containers Sales and Trading Group specializes in the development of container-related projects in the emerging transportation and storage markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

  • Long Term Leases — normally for one, two or three year lease terms.
  • Lease Finance — lease-to-own quality equipment with easy buy-out options.

Internationally, SeaCube Trading has offices in Copenhagen, which serves Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Hong Kong which supports business development throughout Asia including, Southeast Asia, China, Australia and New Zealand; and North America which manages, Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. Our Agent in South America is available to assist you in your region.Our high quality storage units are ready for your time critical requirements.

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