Refrigerated Solutions

To learn how SeaCube Trading’s refrigerated storage units solved business challenges in several industries, make a selection below:

Equipment Wholesalers & Resellers

Equipment wholesalers and resellers rely on SeaCube Trading to perform. We supply your trading requirements worldwide in any quantity, from single units and small lots to high volumes of units. We serve freight forwarders and one-way shippers in diverse markets, including the US, Asia, Europe and fast-growing Russia.
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Specialty Chilled Products

If you are a produce grower or distributor, florist or confectioner, your business can benefit from additional refrigerated storage space for new, spillover and supplemental refrigerated storage. Turn to SeaCube Trading to solve your urgent storage needs.
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Frozen Products

If you distribute turkey or seafood, you regularly face seasonal challenges caused by holiday demands. Don’t let logistical bottlenecks impair your ability to deliver at critical times of the year. Easily solve your huge seasonal storage needs with refrigerated storage units.
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