Specialty Chilled Products

If you are a produce grower or distributor, florist or confectioner, your business can benefit from additional refrigerated storage space for new, spillover and supplemental refrigerated storage. Turn to SeaCube Trading to solve your urgent storage needs.


You need to store and distribute your product efficiently in order to maintain quality, achieve growth and maximize profit. In your drive to diversify product offerings, you need additional storage space while you develop more volume or variety for your customers. On-site refrigeration is the simple answer.


A reefer from SeaCube Trading is a fast, easy and low-cost solution. Our refrigeration units can be located on your property, with minimal or no site preparation or foundation. Another benefit: our units operate quietly and won’t disturb neighbors. With on-site refrigerated storage, you can diversify by packaging and refrigerating a variety of fresh products, such as value-added produce. Whether you’re a small or a large operation, a reefer can provide you with a way to preserve the quality of your products and to grow your business by allowing you to increase the variety of your offerings.