Wholesalers & Resellers

Equipment wholesalers and resellers rely on SeaCube Trading to perform. We supply your trading requirements worldwide in any quantity, from single units and small lots to high volumes of units. We serve freight forwarders and one-way shippers in diverse markets, including the US, Asia, Europe and fast-growing Russia.


As a wholesaler or reseller you have diverse needs, such as supplying new containers for your military and shipping line customers. You require good-quality used containers for domestic storage and one-way shippers, as well as lesser-quality units which you or your customers can repair or use for insulated storage.


SeaCube Trading draws from one of the largest refrigerated container fleets in the world. This gives us the ability to provide the exact units you want, where you want them, and in the quantities and condition you need. Contact us to help meet your challenges on the ground for any market you may service world-wide. We can help you with logistical needs and customizing requirements for special projects such as government or military applications.